Finish Styles

Ostrich Leather  Finish Styles 

SaRamin-co provides several different finish styles for skin and leg as following.

Ostrich Skin Leather Style

Crust ostrich Leather

Crust Ostrich Leather


Coat and Dress Leather

 This finish style is very thin and soft and suitable for coats and dresses. Thickness is about 0.8 mm. it can also be glossy , half matte and matte.

Coats Ostrich Leather

Bags and shoes Leather 

 This finish style is bigger , thicker and harder than dress leathers. Thickness is about 1.2 mm. it can also be glossy , half matte and matte.

Bags and Shoes Leather

quills in Bags and Shoes Ostrich Leather

Cowboy Leather style

 This finish style has different face, with very darker quills and more contrast. quills and around it are burned. it is suitable for bags and shoes

cowboy style


Rustic Leather style

 This style has tow colors on the face.  it is suitable for bags and shoes.

Rustic finish style

Red Rustic leather

Yellow Rustic ostrich leather

Ostrich Leg Leather Style

 *All styles are exist with or without nail.

Glossy and Glazed

Glossy Ostrich Leg


Craft Ostrich Leg

Craft Ostrich Leg


Horse Ostrich Leg

Horse Ostrich Leg

Crust Ostrich Leg


Crust Ostrich Leg

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