saramin ostrich leatherWe manufacture , wholesale and export ostrich leather, crust and finished ,with diverse colors in Iran.

ostrich skin is exist in 3 stages : 1-raw skin  2-crust  3- finished .

we sell ostrich leather and crust to all over the world Because we are ostrich leather exporter.

 We work directly with farmers. as a result prices are competitive and quality is the best.

If you want to order crust leathers we can provide 1000 pieces of hide per month.the average of hides is 16 square feet.

The exist colors are according to our catalog or any customization color.  if you want to order customization color it is necessary to send us a sample of your dyed leathers. after that we can produce the exact color.

for more information about  thickness, catalog. please read “O strich leather” page in this site.

Saraminco , ostrich skin manufacturer

leather,ostrich skinWe always pick up large and the best skin s , without any knife’s hole and even any tiny damage after removing feather s of them.

we preserve them in appropriate condition and tan the skin finally.

The process of producing are 3 stages: 1-raw skin  2-crust ostrich skin  3-finish leather

In first step raw skin are cleaned several times.after that the become chrome-tanned.

If you need free chrome-tanned,we will produce it for you. we manufacture 5 grades to sell ostrich leather .                        

Saraminco ostrich leather exporter

ostrich leather exporter,sell ostrich leatherOur leather have Suitable quality and competitive price. therefore we are able to export leathers to any places of the world in a short time.

We are working directly with Farmers and experts. in conclusion we provide various colors and quantities at the best prices.

Size and quality of follicles are important in grading system. therefore any defect such as hole and scratch on crown of skin reduces grade of hides.please read grading system.

 We produce five grades,A+,A,B,C,D. in addition grade A and A+ have same quality and different sizes. more than 16 square feet is A+.All grades are suitable enough to make high-end goods.

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